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Explore beautiful Pittwater

Located about 45 minutes north of Sydney in the Northern Beaches, Paddlecraft is situated on Pittwater, “Sydney’s other harbour”! Bordered on the western foreshore by the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, paddling in Pittwater offers unmatched, world class kayaking and bushwalking adventures in a pristine natural environment in less than 20 minutes paddling time from our launching area. 

Pittwater is one of the most beautiful and serene destinations in the world. Surrounded by clear turquoise waters and lush vegetation, this stunning estuary offers a peaceful escape from the busy city life.
Located in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia, the area around Scotland Island is particularly stunning, known for its unspoiled beauty and commitment to preservation by the local community. This has helped to keep the area free of development and pollution, making it a true gem in the world of natural beauty.

Pittwater’s diverse ecosystem, fed by several streams and rivers, provides a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, including numerous bird species, dolphins, and even the occasional seal. Exploring the waterways by boat or kayak is a great way to get up close and personal with this thriving ecosystem and discover its beauty for yourself.
In addition to its natural beauty, Pittwater is also a paradise for boaters and water sports enthusiasts. With numerous sheltered coves and bays, as well as plenty of open water for sailing and fishing, there is something for everyone in this stunning destination.

So why not come and experience the beauty of Pittwater for yourself? With its serene atmosphere, diverse wildlife, and recreational opportunities on the water, it is a truly unique and worth-while destination that you won’t forget. Book your trip today!


If you are getting to us by driving, we’re located at the Bayview Anchorage Marina, at 1714 Pittwater Road. Coming north on Pittwater Road past Mona Vale, you will pass the Bayview Golf Club, Pittwater High School and the tennis courts on Pittwater Road. After a curvy part of the road, you will see a group of buildings on the right hand side in front of sparkling Pittwater. We are at the second marina and hard to miss with all of our kayaks in racks at the front of our shop. Immediately after our marina, there is a small parking lot and street parking that’s all free. (There is also a big parking lot at the Gibson Marina, located adjacent to our marina, but you do have to pay for metered parking there.)


From the centre of Sydney, catch the Palm Beach L88 or L90 bus from Wynyrd Station on Carrington Street at Stand C to the bus stop at Warratah Road in Mona Vale. (As you get close, you will past a McDonalds on your left and start heading up and then down a hill into Mona Vale. Right after the petrol station, a dive shop and a set of lights is your bus stop, next to the sushi shop, Konnichiwa.)Transfer to the local Church Point 156 bus that drops you right off in front of our shop. An Opal card is required to pay for the bus fare and can be purchased at the Wynyrd Station before you board the bus.


Bayview Anchorage Marina has an outdoor licensed café, Stowaway Café on Pittwater located right on the water, as well as a Thai restaurant, the Blue Pearl located upstairs on the second floor providing spectacular views over Pittwater. The marina also has changing facilities, as well as an outdoor picnic area for its customer’s use.


Within a short walking distance from the Bayview Anchorage Marina, there is a beautiful family friendly park, cafe and lawns at Roland’s Park Reserve at Winnererremy Bay with covered picnic facilities, barbeques and an enclosed play area. Travelling a small distance by car, McCarr’s Creek Reserve is another more rustic picnic option located at the start of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park with some picnic and toilet facilities in a beautiful bushland reserve.


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