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Why Paddling for your Corporate Team is Perfect for Team Building

Kayaking at Pittwater is a great team building activity for corporate teams as it requires coordination and communication among team members, promoting trust and improving overall team dynamics, also, it’s a fun outdoor activity that promotes a sense of well-being, reduces stress and encourages problem-solving skills among team members.

Paddlecraft offers two types of corporate days including Team Building at the Beach and The Corporate Tour. The benefits of doing both these activities with you work colleagues are endless. Below are just some examples:

  1. Cooperation: Both kayaking and stand up paddling require participants to work together in order to navigate the water and reach their destination. This encourages cooperation and collaboration among team members as they work to support each other and achieve a common goal.
  2. Communication: In order to be successful, team members must communicate effectively and clearly. Kayaking and stand up paddling can help to improve communication skills as team members share information, give instructions, and provide feedback to one another.
  3. Trust: Being on the water will build trust among team members. When team members rely on one another for support and guidance, they learn to trust each other’s abilities and develop a sense of friendship.
  4. Support: Kayaking and stand up paddling also promotes the idea of supporting each other, physically and emotionally. Team members can help each other by providing encouragement and motivation to finish the paddle and achieve something together.
  5. Shared experience: An activity like this can provide a shared experience that team members can bond over and remember for a long time. The experience of being on the water together, enjoying the scenery and challenges, and achieving a common goal can create a sense of unity and shared accomplishment.
  6. Outdoor setting: Being in a natural setting can provide a refreshing change of pace from the office environment. The natural beauty of the water and surrounding area can also help to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being among team members.
  7. And of course it’s fun! Kayaking and stand up paddling are a fun and exciting way to bond with team members. The physical activity and outdoor setting can help to break down barriers and encourage team members to let loose and have a good time together.

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