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With spring warmer  weather coming soon, Paddlecraft is offering more ways to have fun on Pittwater!!

Riding the wave of our new success on Airbnb’s Sydney experiences, Paddlecraft is launching the “SEA, SUN & SUP” in just a few weeks. Targeting the spring season in early September 2017, the half day guided tour hopes to continue to attract the international and domestic tourists that have been finding their way to the Northern Beaches, exploring Pittwater, Sydney’s other harbour.

An excellent fitness activity that can suit any age or level of experience, as well as, awesomely fun to do, stand up paddling has been rediscovered here in Australia. Originating in Hawaii in the early 1960’s, the stand up paddle (SUP) was simply devised as a way to provide a happy snap for tourists learning how to surf by the local Hawaiian beach boys, thus the phrase “Beach Boy Surfing” sprung up,  another term for this modern sport of SUP.

Only an hour outside Sydney, Pittwater is an ideal spot for this activity for paddlers of all experiences, with its many secluded bays and still water areas. Using 11’4” length boards and adjustable paddles, Paddlecraft’s stand up paddle boards are very stable and will suit any size paddler. The SUP Board tours include all paddling and safety equipment necessary with a start up tutorial from our guides that will get you out on the water quickly.

Accommodating up to 12 paddlers, this personal tour showcases local areas of Pittwater only accessible by water. Starting with an early morning launch at the sheltered waters of McCarr’s Creek, we will explore the southern end of the creek and gain confidence on the water. After paddling northward past mangroves, gum trees and the sandstone embankments lining the foreshore of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, our group lands at the off shore community at Elvina Bay, where a morning tea will be provided. After a short bushwalk, jump back onto our boards, and with perhaps a few quick dips in the water, our happy group of paddlers will head home to our Bayview Marina location. 

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