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The Top 2023 Trends For Corporate Group Activities

The most important 2023 trends for planning corporate group team building activities reflect the increasingly personal values in companies’ goals and vision statements.

Businesses are including unique corporate activities into their events that communicate and support these ideas to their employees. Recreational activities that give the illusion of “doing something” are no longer enough and both organisers and employees are looking to achieve outcomes that both align with their values and contribute to a greater good.

A significant theme that has been growing in the last few years embraces teambuilding activities with sustainable outcomes, ideally in outdoor settings. Even as physical environments have become less rigid, technology driven work practices still necessitates a significant time spent indoors. By stepping outside the demands of the workplace and exchanging the external backdrop for a natural environment, an outdoor activity can reset and refresh team dynamics.


Echoing this trend was the 2023 Pantone Colour of the Year, a consumer service that monitors and documents what is taking place in global culture and through colour expresses a mood and an attitude. The top colour selected is Greenery, nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving is to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.

Some companies are incorporating charitable components into team building and executive retreats. Charitable projects can be used very effectively in team building as companies recognise the importance of giving back to the community. Activities can range from hands on physical endeavours to fund raising events with financial outcomes for causes that have personal meaning to the organisation and participants.


Bookings are also increasing for activities promoting mindfulness and wellbeing workshops, which encourage companies to think differently about the ways in which their employees react to stress and productivity issues. Based on techniques adopted by athletes for performance improvement and clinical studies of meditation, team building activities teach employees the benefits of self-awareness and being in the moment.

Lastly, small, more personalised experiences, whether within a larger event or tailored for smaller teams within a business are on the rise. More value is being placed on exclusivity and authentic activities, and moving events away from the main stream and preferably into tech free zones.

Combining many of these trends, kayaking or stand up paddling in Pittwater easily captures the aspirational objectives that many businesses are seeking in their corporate events. As Eco Pass operator for the national park, these activities can also provide direct charitable benefit to the national park system and heritage. Sustainable, set in a natural environment and employing “in the moment” experiences, Paddlecraft can craft an unforgettable corporate event for your business’s next corporate function.

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